Sacred and other Rivers.

The Problem

To the detriment of rivers as the Ganges in India, Yangtze in China, Citarum in Indonesia, the Amazon in South America or similar, over the years sewage disposal and pollution control has not kept abreast of the population explosion or economic and industrial growth. Such rivers and their aquatic inhabitants have become the victims of “out-of-sight” dumping of poisonous waste and hazardous leakages.

The Solution

As a viable alternative in the event of no foreseeable waste disposal programmes, Gobbler has a range of accessories to deal with such problems. Fixed, or retrofit collection equipment can deal with multiple contamination/pollution problems. Single vessels and Govercraftcan help, but Group-working fleets are key to cleaning large swathes of waterways and banks for a cleaner, healthier down-river result, whilst creating valuable employment opportunities and cottage industries for the indigenous inhabitants.

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